It’s challenging enough to find qualified, trained and available drivers. Hazardous materials and an aging workforce add further complexities to health and safety risks for drivers and non-drivers. An Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) expert has the skillset, education, experience and training to reduce and prevent these risks.

Working alongside OSHA and DOT

Compared to the typical "safety" representative with a Department of Transportation (DOT) regulatory background, or OSHA representative, the OEHS expert has a wider view. The OEHS professional brings the experience and training needed to assess the potential hazards and risks in the day-to-day operations associated with both driving and non-driving activities, such as:

  • cranking dolly legs
  • releasing the 5th wheel
  • climbing trailer ladders
  • entering/exiting tractors
  • accessing the top of trailers
  • lifting hoses
  • opening/closing valves
  • assessing spills resulting in chemical contact and environmental impact
  • lifting hoses

How do you keep your workforce – that might change on a weekly basis – safe and healthy? Consider these examples of an OEHS expert at work.

Trucking Infographic

Reduce risks and keep your truck drivers safe.

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Don’t wait for a serious event to hire an OEHS expert.

The expertise in knowing what is required for occupational health regulations vs. industry/DOT requirements is invaluable. A person well versed in OEHS will offer invaluable insight to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, reduce/eliminate the potential for regulatory fines, and ensure service production disruptions are minimal.