Selecting Protective Clothing for Mixtures: Permeation, Degradation, and Other Complexities, Nov. 2021

Chemical protective clothing (CPC) is heavily relied upon in many facilities for protection against dermal hazards. But not all CPC is equally protective against all chemicals, and selecting the appropriate garment or glove is even more complicated when the substance of interest is a mixture of multiple chemicals.

Process Safety Management and the IH: Examining OSHA’s PSM Standard, Oct. 2021

Process Safety Management (PSM) is an OSHA standard focused on preventing the unexpected release of toxic, reactive, or flammable liquids and gases. The standard is very prescriptive and establishes a roadmap for OEHS professionals to ensure the safety of workers and communities. An industrial hygienist has much to offer PSM, and the skillsets needed for each are mutually beneficial.

Modernizing Process Safety: New Regulations to Pave Way for Greater IH Role, June/July 2016

New Process Safety Management and Risk Management Program regulations from OSHA and EPA will provide ample opportunity for industrial hygienists to participate in process safety.

Powder Handling in Production: Reducing the Hazards of Bulk Powders in the Agrochemical Industry, March 2018

Powder handling in the agrochemical industry presents complex exposure scenarios. The inherent toxicity of powders, their bulk quantities, particle sizes, and packaging constraints combine to test both the technical know-how and the creativity of the industrial hygienist.